Finding Calm in the Food Storm


Eat this, eat that. Don't eat that. Eat this but not too much. Some of that is ok, but only if it's cooked this way. That's great for you, but it's not sustainable for the environment. That's not really good for you but it's affordable.  

Does your head want to explode sometimes when the above is what we are inundated with every day? Is it the cause of stress? 

While it is important to research and educate yourself I want to propose the most valuable asset you have in navigating through this complicated food climate in which we find ourselves. That asset is your intuition. 

That sounds easy enough, but at a time when we often race through life, spend hours in cars and at desks on computers, on the couch looking at the tv, or at our phones, we are distancing ourselves from that sense of intuition more and more. 

Part of my mission at Noah's Table is to help others discover and strengthen their intuition starting in the kitchen and at the table. I hope that as we build this and find the courage to block out the noise we will grow a sense of calm and joy around food.

Most importantly we want to reduce stress as much as humanly possible. Even if we are eating what we know is great for us, if we are stressed, our bodies and minds will suffer. 

Food is complicated and personal. What we eat is so deeply tied to our diverse human experiences, our genes, and our own imbedded pyschologies, so change and evolution is indeed a process. 

I are going through this process myself and I want nothing more than to help you through yours. 

Ultimately I want mealtime to be the best time.  I want it to bring you happiness and nourishment. If mealtime is constantly stressful, let's shake things up. It just doesn't have to be that way and we're here to help. 

Aran Goldstein



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