I'm Aran Goldstein, Chef and Owner of Noah's Table.

I've been cooking professionally since 2006 and I've done so all over the world. I've learned so much about food, cooking and people along the way.

I'm on a mission to educate and inspire people to cook for themselves and their families, and to learn about food in general, to help them discover a true sense of balance in the way they eat and prepare food.

I started Noah's Table with this mission in mind. I am determined to help people that want to learn how to cook and how to navigate this complicated climate we have around what we should eat.

At the heart of it, I teach people about real food. I draw heavily from my experiences in restaurants, as a teacher, my upbringing and my travels and I am always learning more.

I also hope that teaching people world cuisines will have a positive effect on how people see the world. I see food as an amazing lens into the real lives and histories of real people. I want us to see our differences as something to celebrate, not fear.

I chose the name Noah's Table because I saw the story of the Arc as a story of preservation and hope and diversity. I have always looked at the world with great wonder and hope to inspire others to feel the same.

It will always come back to food and the kitchen for me as it is where I feel so at home, but the real meaning comes because I am feeding and nourishing others, for I feel it is as beautiful an expression of love as there is.

This world is most certainly beautiful, and that beauty lies in how different we all are. And that beauty is absolutely best appreciated when shared and enjoyed by all—ideally around a table filled with delicious food, prepared with care, purpose, and love.

Aran Goldstein
Chef & Founder

Photo Credit: Karolina Barwinski

Photo Credit: Karolina Barwinski



A note about our name, Noah's Table

We like to remember the story of Noah and the flood as one of preservation.  Indeed, our diversity is something to embrace and preserve.  "As for you take for yourself some of all food that is edible, and gather it to yourself and it shall be for food for you and for them." Genesis 6:21. It wasn't just about the food, but in preserving all of the food. That ark was preserving all the cultures of the world. This is a concept worth living and celebrating. We like to see food as something that has the power to both connect us and heal us. If we could just spend more time in each other's kitchens and at each other's tables, we know we would find we share much more in common than perhaps we ever thought.